Langley School – International Student Program

Langley School – International Student Program

At MCIS as Langley’s Representative, we proudly assist our clients by making the admission and registration process possible and easy.

The Langley school has set its mission to transform students to global citizens and it is reaching its goal by hosting international students in its English language support program and presenting other opportunities to all individuals by offering Middle & Secondary School Programs, Elementary Programs, Summer Camp, Extra-Curricular Activities, Short-Term and Graduation Programs, and many more brilliant programs.

At Langley School, the needs of international students are planned to be fully met. Besides offering a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, the Langley school provides homestay program which makes it more convenient for students to feel welcomed and contend. By having 40 schools around the Greater Vancouver area, the Langley School is determined to assure that its students are gaining essential requirements to succeed in their prospective educational and professional stage of their lives.

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